Ray Wylie Hubbard - (C)opr. 1981 - Fox Prophet Music (ASCAP)

I pulled into the alley behind the liquor store,
turned out the lights and left the motor runnin', Sonny opened up the door,
then he flashed me his grin, said, "this is gonna be a piece of cake,
later tonight we'll head to The Spotlight and split up the take."

Sittin' there in the darkness, I take a hit off the wine,
wait for the rush to hit me and it feels so fine.
Then I think of somethin' I never realized,
if I get shot tonight, I ain't ever been baptised.

Oh, Dallas after midnight - oh, Dallas after midnight - Oh, Dallas after midnight...

Then Sonny came runnin' back, sweat runnin' down his face.
He said, "the cat had a gun, man, I panicked, we gotta get outta this place!"
There was nothin' to do or say as we drove away.
I just kept askin' myself how'd I ever get so mean I couldn't pray?


There ain't nothin' that I like better than drivin' on hard concrete,
I'd rather have a steerin' wheel in my hands than a woman at my feet.
Ever since I was a little kid I was always rowdy and loud,
take a look at me now I'm 37 years old and still runnin' around with a wild crowd.

Somewhere in Colorado there's a truck whose brakes just won't hold,
and there's a burned-out car abandoned just south of Waco,
and there's a song comin' from a radio somewhere...
"I fought the law and the law won...
I fought the law and the law won...
I fought the law and the law won...
I fought the law and the law won..."