John Muzyka, Bobby Allen, & Matt Hedding - (C)opr. 1997
BUY SONGiTUNES Brian Burns Music (BMI)/Paper Hat Music (BMI)

Well, me and my friends, just the other day, we decided it was time to get away,
so we went down to the lake to have some fun.
After twenty, thirty beers we began to tire, so we all crashed out around the fire,
and then ol' Ned jumped up and he started to run.
It was really quite a sight to see, he was slappin' himself from his head to his knees,
and then he went and pulled down his pants.
I said, "good God, Ned, what's all the fuss," but all he could do was yell and cuss,
and all I understood was "fire ants!"

Fire ants, fire ants, it's time for us to take a stance,
this is what we're gonna do,
fire ants, fire ants, you're not gonna stand a chance,
Texas declares war on you.

Well, I'd just moved into my new home so I called my friends up on the phone,
said "won't y'all come on over for some bar-b-q,
but before we got the chance to eat, them ants had crawled all over our meat,
and to my dismay, they even got my brew.
Well, I felt so humiliated that day, I didn't know quite what to say,
I just stood there and hung my head in shame.
You know, the way I see it, times are hard when you can't even party in your own backyard,
and for this them Mexican fire ants are to blame.


Now, for all you yankees who'll never see just how bad their sting can be,
this is the only thing that can compare:
walk barefoot on broken glass, then soak your feet in diesel gas,
and half of my pain, friend, you will share.
Now, I don't know where the answer might lie, I just wanna see all them suckers die
and rid the Lone Star State of this disease,
but just as soon as the ants are gone, we'll have to sit down and write another song
about them damned ol' killer bees.