Brian Burns - (C)opr. 1997 - Brian Burns Music (BMI)

On the ancient edge of downtown Dallas
out beneath the neon lights,
there's a ragged old ruin of a honky-tonk
where I play every night.
That's where the brokenhearted people hang out
and on a good night boy meets girl
in this run down bar where I play guitar
on the corner of Commerce & Pearl.

They say, "play that song about Dallas after midnight,
play it one more time."
There ain't a soul around here been baptized,
oh, but that's alright.
There's a lot of dreams lay dyin'
tonight out there in the world,
but there's still a little life down here
on the corner of Commerce & Pearl.

Lorianne over there, she's been married three times,
says it's been a helluva life,
and Leonard didn't make it into town tonight,
but Harry's here with his wife.
They're thinkin' it'll all come out in the wash,
and I'm just winkin' at a green-eyed girl,
playin' like everything's alright
on the corner of Commerce & Pearl.


Now, some will arrive with empty pockets
and swagger like they got it made.
Some of 'em come here to drown their troubles,
others just wanna get laid,
but everybody finds their own kind of truth
as the room and the music whirl
to the reelin' of rhymes from better times
on the corner of Commerce & Pearl.


When God lays the righteous to rest
it's a cold and a lonely world.
Maybe tonight he'll shine a little light
on the corner of Commerce & Pearl.