Brian Burns - (C)opr. 1999 - Brian Burns Music (BMI)

Welcome to Texas, glad that you came down,
you've got lots of friends here, take a look around.
They come from California, they come from Ohio,
they come from Minnesota to get out of the snow.

You don't like our drivin', you don't like our roads,
you make fun of the way we talk, make fun of our clothes,
but you clog up our highways, been pourin' in for years;
if you don't like the way we do it, what are you doin' here?


Welcome to Texas, don't anybody get me wrong;
we're glad y'all came to see us, just don't forget to go back home.

We don't need your politics, we don't need your prayers,
we don't need your moral compass leadin' us anywhere.
We don't need your business, we don't need your art,
we don't really give a damn how you did things up north.


You gripe about our music, gripe about our food,
gripe about the weather here, say it's way too hot for you.
We hear all your whinin', and it starts wearin' thin
when we see our milk and honey runnin' down your chin.

So come on down to Texas, have yourself a ball,
take the kids to Six Flags, and the wife out to the mall.
Have a good vacation, but then don't hesitate
to point your car back up the road to that outbound interstate.