Brian Burns - (C)opr. 1997 - Brian Burns Music (BMI)

At one time there was blacktop on this old battered road,
and Mama waited for me up that drive.
The place was so much bigger when I was eight years old,
this was the world in 1965.

I guess I drove by today to see where we came from,
I'm sad to say there's not much left to show.
A quiet, peaceful neighborhood became another slum,
Montgomery Street now looks like Mexico,
and I wonder, where did the good ones go?

Wake up, Mrs. Windsor, there are junk cars in your garden,
and Mr. Ames, your house is painted blue.
Come back Mrs. Taylor, and I'll pay you for the window,
and Mary Anna Johnson, where are you?

The people who once cared for me, I lost along the line,
they all left here a long, long time ago.
These days people only want your money or your time,
and when you're down, man, they don't wanna know.
Makes me wonder, where did the good ones go?

Wake up, Mr. Richardson, someone's torn down your tool shed,
and Mr. Hayes, your house is painted pink.
Wake up, Mrs. Anderson, and sing me Rock Of Ages,
the world is ending sooner than you think.

I guess I drove by today to find some little part
of the world I lived in thirty years ago.
There's nothing to come home to, all that's left is in my heart,
turn this car around and let her roll...
God, I wonder, where did the good ones go?