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Multiple award-winning Texas singer/songwriter Brian Burns and "Once Upon A Time In Texas" - one man and his guitar - delivering a musical program that is powerful, engaging, fun, and educational.


One spark is all it takes to ignite an imagination for a lifetime.  Once Upon A Time In Texas now enters its seventh year as the #1 educational assembly program in TexasBrian's philosophy is that the history of a people is best illuminated through its music; nothing ignites a student's historical interest like songs and stories that bring the past stirringly back to life. The many schools that invite Brian back for repeat performances year after year are testament to the effectiveness his programs have upon educators' teaching objectives, entertaining students while inspiring them to take a stronger interest in Texas history curriculum.  Teachers and parents alike agree that Brian's program helps to light that first spark of history appreciation that proves to build character.  Brian interacts with children through questions and answers that help not only in the area of history, but also promote reading and writing skills/habits and, overall, helps Texas history students earn better grades.  Please click on the  menu links above, starting with Brian's personal introduction, to learn more about the #1 educational assembly program in Texas.

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