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Brian is honored to be this year's recipient of The Daughters of The American Revolution Texas State Media Award. The award was presented in Dallas on March 8th and was given in recognition of ten years of Brian's educational concert series, "Once Upon A Time In Texas". Brian has performed this program for tens of thousands of elementary and junior high school students over the past decade.

So far in 2014 Brian has had the honor of producing the single "Memory To Me" for White & Spears... co-writing the title track and co-producing a couple of cuts on Davin James' new CD, "Buck Owens Freeway", and editing and mastering a new madhouse commercial radio jingle version of "I've Been Everywhere (In Texas)" for Kevin Miller and the good folks at texaslending.com.

Most of the summer, however, Brian has been striving to capture usable vocals for his upcoming album (which has a brand new, fresh working title at this point). He's had to put his nose to the grindstone in order to include a few last minute cuts he wrote recently, which help to flesh out the project very elegantly... so he is really, and somewhat realistically, hopeful for a late 2014 release... he will likely release an early single or two.

BUT THIS JUST IN: Tom Russell is putting together a 2-disc anthology of his cowboy songs entitled "Tonight We Ride: The Tom Russell Cowboy Anthology" and it will be released on September 16th. Brian anxiously awaits each new Tom Russell work, so he is particularly stoked and thrilled that Tom has chosen a duet of "El Llano Estacado" that they did together to be included in this collection.

It will be available through Village Records. Tom calls it his "definitive cowboy collection with some fresh discoveries from the vaults."

Brian has made some of his best TR discoveries through anthologies such as "Museum of Memories" (I & II), and once you read the track list on this collection, you're going to want a copy!